65 acres could earn you more than £5,000,000
over 30 years!

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Utility Solar PV & Storage

Soventix is a mature, ethical company that offers a fair deal to land owners for a 30 year period

Soventix offers land owners:

  • Earn up to £1,000 per acre for Solar PV (min 60 acres)

  • Earn up to £100,000 for 5 acres for Energy Storage (min 1 acre)

  • Earn further benefits for a Solar PV and Energy Storage site

  • Optional land purchase should you require all the benefits up front

  • We pay your solicitor fees - this won't cost you a penny

In the first instance complete the form below, we will then email you the relevant paper work and call for a chat. It will take approximately 4 months for us to assess and request connection costs.  You will then receive a heads of terms agreement which we pay your solicitor to review. If all parties are in agreement we will then move to planning and onto construction.

You will be paid annually.

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Soventix also provides full EPC services to build, and maintain new or existing Solar PV or BESS assets, call 0203 696 1170 for more information

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