Solar PV Repairs

Soventix provides all encompassing operations and maintenance service for residential, commercial and ground mount systems.

We also can integrate our monitoring system to provide you peace of mind in knowing we are checking your system remotely 24/7.  Should any issues arise we will contact you and arrange a visit.

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Asset Management & Support 

Soventix provides a full range of Asset Management Services thus increasing project performance.  We can provide the following for any UK solar asset.

  • Revenue Optimisation

  • Financial Services

  • Contract Management

  • Licenses, Permits and Authorisations

  • Performance Verification and Analysis

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintenance Coordination

Solar Energy

Solar PV
Maintenance & Management

We pride ourselves as being the best in the business and our clients think so too!

For all our customers we provide a comprehensive market leading service at a remarkably low cost and we deal with all issues within a couple of days.

Our monitoring platform watches over your system 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we will know immediately if there is an issue. As soon as we have checked the fault we will send one of our operatives out to make the repair no matter where!

We offer advanced level reporting on all the systems we look after whether its an individual home system or a portfolio of systems.

We believe in preventative maintenance and we offer a product where we undertake cleaning and system checking as part of the service to optimise the performance. Technical advice is available at any time for any system we look after.

Soventix, on behalf of our customers, deal with warranty claims, bird deterrence, contract and health and safety management.

Our clients include, banks, pension companies, investment groups and individual home owners.


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