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Development Services

Are you seeking renewable legal advice or guidance?


Soventix provides advice and legal support through its appointed law firm.  As developers of renewable projects we have hands on real life experience and can provide invaluable guidance.

  • SPV structures

  • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

  • Grid Sharing Agreements

  • Innovative renewables financing structures

  • Regulatory guidance and advice

Feasibility Analysis

Do you have a site you are considering for Solar PV?

Soventix carries a wealth of international experience of developing high yield solar PV assets. 

  • Yield studies

  • Financial modelling

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Payback optimisation

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Electrical Construction Plans

DNO Connections

Connecting renewable assets to the UK distribution network remains one of the most challenging obstacles for renewable energy schemes.

Soventix is well positioned due its global technical expertise to simplify this process and find the most cost effective solutions for getting you connected.

Tap into our wealth of expertise for any of the following services:

  • New connections

  • Grid sharing opportunities

  • Export optimisation

  • Contestable services

Planning Services

In order to build a Solar PV or battery storage site in the United Kingdom, planning permission is required from your local planning authority.


Soventix has a wealth of experience in successful planning application submissions for a wide range of renewable energy projects.

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